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Vision Statement

Palladium Musicum, Inc., a non-profit organization, is devoted to celebrating classical music internationally as an expression of culture, the arts, and the sacred, experienced in an intimate setting.

This vision is achieved through music programs and concerts held throughout the year, offered to the general public and the Greenwich, Connecticut area community in conjunction with lectures, educational programs, and an annual international music institute, workshop, and tour. The programs are designed to integrate music with the visual arts, the sacred, literature, poetry, architecture, and gardening, for example, in order to teach and inform participants by bringing them a sense of wholeness, shared experience, culture, and an appreciation of our heritage.

The music offered is both vocal and instrumental. The programs seek to maintain a level of excellence by engaging the more established music professionals while at the same time providing opportunities to nurture the growth and development of younger performers (drawn from local music conservatories and universities), and talented amateurs. New musical compositions by young artists will be commissioned and premiered during the concert year.

Integral to the purpose of Palladium Musicum, Inc., noteworthy experts from the fields of the arts, the sacred, literature, architecture, and gardening, for instance, participate as lecturers in the programs offered.

Central to the vision is the goal of ensuring excellence and integrity in promoting the creative integration of music in our culture and community.

The vision of Palladium Musicum, Inc. harks back to the palladium of ancient Troy and Rome as a symbol to safeguard and protect the nation, in this case, the sanctity and integrity of music. As well, the vision seeks to embody the core values and ideals of Andrea Palladio (1508-1580), the great Italian Renaissance architect.